Eliminate waste at the dock door

GetSett’s cloud-based software provides a comprehensive view of freight movement and potential disruption to carriers and shippers.

What is important to You?

Staying Organized
On-time Performance
Higher Volume

Take Control of Your Facility

Real-time Scheduling

Smart scheduling that determines the optimal dates/times to schedule orders, replacing manual scheduling that is subject to lags in communication and visibility.

Dock Door Management

Get a bird’s eye view of the freight flow at the dock door and coordinate seamless interactions between transport and the facility.

Predictive Analytics

Receive notifications of potential disruptions in the schedule in REAL-TIME for
swift resolution.

Workforce and Labor Management

Schedule your workforce based on the actual up-to-date needs of the facility/delivery.


What Our Clients Are Saying

The biggest advantage to this program is the developers supporting it. They are quick to respond and are willing to listen and implement ideas that help streamline your shipping and receiving process. If you’re looking to track KPI’s, this program has that as well. We’ve had a positive response from the schedulers stating this was easier than programs we have used in the past which in return makes our employees happy and able to focus on the job at hand. We will definitely be sticking with the GetSett scheduling program and their amazing team.

The GetSett team has decades of experience in logistics and technology from Uber, Coyote, and GlobalTranz. Our focus is to improve freight flow, and do so while increasing shipper throughput and reducing carbon emissions.